19 April 2009

as of late...

a little update of what's been going on with us lately.

here's me and ruby- 33 weeks today. only seven more to go! :)

i am for sure sure sure feeling like the end is drawing near. my body is just an achy bunch of bones and d and i are both getting so anxious for her to be here... but then we remember how much it's really going to turn our lives upside down and we decide we'll savor this last month and a half or so as best we can. we're definitely in decision making mode about a lot of things and i can feel the lord using that to bond us even closer to one another as we reach toward him for what he wants for our life together. it's tough but definitely a great thing.

i've been working on some crafts in preparation for rubes.. here's the start of what i've been up to and hope to have finished before she's here!

...this is one of four little birds i've started in hopes of completing a mobile for ruby. there's a good chance it won't hang right over her crib like a mobile usually does, but as i find things that i like in baby decorating land i'm seeing a trend that i'm consistently drawn to the bird theme... so we'll see how that turns out.
...i've also started making a yo-yo quilt/coverlet for her. the picture i linked to is much bigger than the one i'll be making, but that's an idea of what it will end up looking like. i'm not totally sure what i'll do with it since they're not really purposed for keeping someone warm like an actual blanket, but i think they're so sweet so i'll find a place/use for it.

so pretty much i've been doing arts and crafts and working and d's been working and getting in as much time as he can surfing before "our lives are over"... as he likes to put it whenever talking about ruby being born. of course, he's totally kidding because he knows more than anyone how in love we're both already falling with our sweet little girl.

more meaningful posts to come in the near future... just wanted to give an update to anyone out there who's interested :). enjoy your day!


The Mehaffie's said...

Yes. Crafts. Something about that pregnancy hormone. Rock and I are SOOO excited to meet little miss tuesdays! (too bad she dont got any "s's" in her name (TKSSSS!!!)The last month before Iceman came out we tried to go on as many dates as we could (or just be "out" somewhere) together. It was fun celebrating the "end" of life as we knew it.

Michael and Lynn said...

we are so excited for you guys! Looking forward to meeting littly Ruby once she is born!
Lynn & Michael

whitney said...

1) I wish I were as creative as you are with a sewing machine

2) Thank you for 'spell checking' my first few blogs :) I'm sure there are errors, and will be many more to come ..

3) love you, and Rubes.

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