05 July 2012

a little swimmer & a big belly..

i'm sure there are a ton of three year olds who could swim circles around our girl, but she's made such great strides in a really short time this summer and it's making me super proud of her. in about a month's time, she's gone from not wanting to get in to only cruising along the sides to swimming with a float and noodle to swimming like a brave little champ as she's demonstrating here:


she's actually taken it a step further since i shot this video about a week ago. she'll now take off her float and swim from me to the steps like the fast paddling guppie that she is. it's really fun to watch her warm up to the water and love going to the pool as much as she does. she hasn't lost any stride in her friend making abilities either, and really loves an audience. if someone is in earshot she's asking "what's your name?" and telling them to "watch me do this!" thankfully we have some kind and patient poolmates who don't mind her spunky self. also, did you know that she's "sixtyteen"? fun fact.

on an unrelated, but still blogworthy note, here is a belly pic from 20 weeks. 

halfway, baybee! this was taken a week ago as well. we hit 21 weeks yesterday on independence day, and i have to say that the only independence i'm hoping for right now is from nausea and vomiting. i had high hopes that this baby would ease up at about 20 weeks just like ruby did, but the hits just keep coming. i'm sure this heat isn't helping with the fatigue, so i'm doing my best to stay rested and cool.

we find out if our november baby is a boy or girl on monday.. i don't have "gender feelings" with this babe like i did with rubes, so i'm extra excited to find out. more than anything, i can't wait to see his/her sweet little face and get some fun pictures. praying for a healthy report and check-up during this ultrasound, if you'd like to join along in that.

so, there's a little update. happy thursday!

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