04 January 2012


there's a lady in my life who's my friend, but i kind of feel like a weirdo whenever i talk about her being one because we've never actually met. sounds stalkerish, right? really though, i think she'd say the same about me.. we're blogosphere friends, but hopefully we can take it to the next level someday and actually meet. what a concept. :) 

she's jessi, from naptime diaries, who i've actually mentioned here before because she's in the line-up to do a guest post here in the near-ish future.. but i'm bringing her up again because she and a friend of hers in columbia, south carolina have a project together called sashes to the merchants. it's all about connecting, promoting, and encouraging women who have businesses, blogs, shops, and the like in their endeavors to create and offer their wares to uplift others and provide for their families. sounds pretty awesome, right? 

head on over and take a look at what they've got going on there, and while you're at it, enter their "getting to know you" giveaways happening daily this week. it's a win-win, folks!

happy wednesday to you.

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when I clockon the the Sashes to Merchants pic. I like the idea of guests posts on a blog.

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