07 June 2015


per pinterest's suggestion, i started a little tradition with ruby when she turned three of asking her twenty questions that we would repeat for each birthday after that. well, being the stellar mom that i am, i've already forgotten a year and am picking back up with six.

here are videos from three and four followed by year six. i love this tradition. it really shows just hoooow much difference a year (or two. ha!) makes.





my dear ruby, the thought of you and your siblings looking back on this blog someday is one of only a couple reasons that keep me coming here to write. i know every parent says this, but i literally can't believe the way time is passing by and how quickly you're growing right before my eyes. you, my dear, are my mirror. we are so much alike, so it's a constant joy and struggle to see both the good and bad in myself walking around in front of me every day. you keep me on my toes and make me want to know more about jesus so i can share him with you. you make me proud and less fearful of the future because i know you're just getting better with time. i know that your strong will and outspoken nature, although two of my greatest challenges, are also two of god's greatest gifts to me because i will never have to worry about anyone ever taking advantage of you. you will be quick to stand up for yourself and tell me if you're ever being mistreated, and that's an assurance i need more than anything. i know that i'll never be a perfect mama, but my daily hope and prayer is that i will be the perfect mama for you. i love you, ruby girl. you are one of my greatest gifts. -mommy

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